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Front PageDecember 29, 2006 

Congress recognizes Columbia firefighters
      (L�r) D. C. Jenkins, Chief Bradley Anderson, Captain Frank E. Baughman, Engineer William P. Truesdale Jr., Captain Ronald F. Davis Jr., Engineer Philip L. Thompson, Tori Rhoad, Engineer Charles K. Boone, Engineer Ken A. Gypin, Engineer Robert C. Joyner, Brett Rhoad, Jacob Rhoad, Congressman Joe Wilson, Senior Firefighter Bryan E. Wingard, Senior Firefighter Matthew K.
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Forest Pines creates a village
Contributed by Forest Pines
      The residents of Forest Pines helped create a beautiful gingerbread house mountain village display before Christmas. After baking and putting together numerous gingerbread houses the chef, Sandy Vickery, also spent an afternoon helping the residents as they each designed and decorated a house themselves.
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Blue and white ornaments bring memories of Germany to Columbia
By Rachel Haynie
      Last year Liz and Hoyt Wheeler spent their Fulbright year at the J .W. Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. The couple was in Germany because Dr. Hoyt Wheeler had been awarded a Fulbright Distinguished Chair for the 2005�06 year at Goethe University.
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